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Security Sales and AFLAC Case

If you or someone you know purchased Security Sales Stock that later became American Family or AFLAC Stock back in the 1950’s, then I want to speak with you.

Security Sales and American Family Stock was sold in rural areas of Georgia under a stock subscription plan. This was a precursor to AFLAC that merged into American Family and then AFLAC. You paid a small down payment and so much a month to purchase stock.

This case, and yours is personal. I am assisting my 93-year old aunt who purchased such stock from Woodrow Sasser on a stock subscription plan in the 1950’s. My aunt cancelled her subscription plan before the subscription was completed and instead opted to receive her paid up stock certificates. AFLAC has no record of the merger because AFLAC did not keep records prior to the 1980’s.  Her original shares would be worth at today's rate some 1.5 million dollars but because all records were destroyed from the 1950's there is no way to prove the stock actually transferred to AFLAC.  We have found several owners who had Security Sales Stock that became AFLAC stock but all of those owners liquidated their holdings and only kept limited paperwork.  Without the complete paperwork we are unable to sustain the evidentiary threshold.

Most people who purchased the original shares in Security Sales, especially the people we tracked down, have cashed their shares and did not retain the merger documents. The two referrals my aunt sent Woodrow Sasser to in the 1950’s also sold their stock and did not keep the merger paperwork.  When the referrals sold the stock, the stock had merged and was AFLAC stock. Because the referrals had sold the stock, they threw away all the documentation that showed how the companies merged.

You may have purchased such stock from Woodrow Sasser, James Calvin Buckner, A.K. Harrod, or some of their associates during the 1950’s in South Georgia.

You may be entitled to compensation.  Call now  (478) 953-3661.

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