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It is with a heavy heart that we announce the death 
of K-9 Stitch.  Stitch died tragically in August 2020 from an undetected, liver tumor that ruptured spontaneously without warning.   Stitch died in the hands of his handler, with the vet trying everything to save Stitch.

RIP K9 Stitch, a loyal faithful K-9 Police Officer.

January 2018   (Page 16 and 17)

Police Officer Stitch

Blue Review Article
January 2018

Michelle Smith, Law and Music
Saturday, August 5, 2017, Houston Home Journal

Supreme Court Petition (PDF — 135 KB)
Petition for a Writ of Certiorari 
to the United States Supreme Court
July 13, 2017

Larry Brooks was fired from his supervisor position at Robins Air Force Base, and has been fighting to get his retirement benefits for the last 6 years.  Brooks had 33 years of service.   There is currently a split of authority in the circuits as to whether "similar" must be "identical" conduct, supervisors or comparators in employment discrimination case analysis, which this petition seeks to address at the United States Supreme Court.    

UPDATE: Certiorari was denied.  Larry Brooks' case was taken the last mile we could take it.   Unfortunately, the Supreme Court of the United States gets more petitions than there are slots to for the Court to address issues and splits of authority needing addressed.  Larry Brooks is still unable to draw his retirement benefits after 33 years of service, even though he is now of retirement age.

Mr. Charles T. Bell, Sr. Obituary       09/09/1918-08/30/2017

Warner Robins Mayor Randy Toms, Charles Bell, and Bonnie
Mayor Randy Toms, Charles Bell, and Michelle Smith, for Charles Bell Day.

Charles Bell is 98 years young, and has made Warner Robins his home for many years.   Mr. Bell is the last surviving litigant from the historic Holmes v. Atlanta 350 U.S. 879 (1955) Supreme Court Case that desegregated the City of Atlanta Golf Course.     This 60 year old Supreme Court Case is significant for Golf History, Black History, and American History.   Since Mr. Bell has made Warner Robins our home for many years he has made his contribution to history part of our City history.   Thank you Mayor Toms and Warner Robins City Council for honoring my dear friend, Charles Bell.

Charles Bell and the Historic Holmes v. City of Atlanta Supreme Court Decision- 1955
Honoring Charles Bell, Saturday March 5, 2016, Houston Home Journal